We can trace our history back over 90 years.

The origins of the Sahara Presentations Group PLC date back to 1924 when a typewriter maintenance company called Amalgamated Typewriters was formed by Albert Williams.

Twenty years later the business became a limited company with the formation of the Express Typewriter Company Limited. The owner’s son, Peter Williams, joined in 1950 later changing the name to Peter Williams Office Equipment, reflecting the company’s expansion into product sales.  Around this time, Terry Batley, father of Sahara’s owners Kevin and Nigel, joined the company.

A sustained period of steady growth saw new products regularly added to the range, with a distribution operation formed in 1976 – Cumbermay Limited. This enabled the company to diversify into the reseller market and build a network that is at the heart of the business today.

The company was renamed Sahara Presentation Systems PLC in 1998 and purchased 2 years later, to facilitate the retirement of Peter Williams, by the newly formed Sahara Holdings Limited. Further subsidiaries of Sahara Holdings Limited, Sahara Finland and Sahara Sweden, were established in 2011 as the Group expanded globally.



Albert Williams forms typewriter maintenance company Amalgamated Typewriters in 1924. It was incorporated as Express Typewriter Company Limited in 1944.



Peter Williams joins the company, changing its name to Peter Williams Office Equipment as the company diversified into product sales.



Distribution operation Cumbermay Limited is formed, enabling the company to expand into the reseller market.



The company is renamed Sahara Presentation Systems PLC and is acquired in 2000 by Sahara Holdings Limited, enabling Peter Williams to retire.